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Creator II
Creator II

How to control Section access Sub Tabs in a Sheet

Hi All,

hope you all good.

I'm trying to figure out the way, how to handle section access for sub tabs in sheet.


Example: I have Sales and Market as a sheet in my application with two sub tabs in each sheet.

what i want is If USER A  goto Sales Sheet , he should see only Tab1 related data and if he goto Market sheet   he should see Tab2 related data only.


Note : there is no connection for tabs and data filter in data, its only related to what we are showing in each tab.


Hope this clear. ref sample app in attachment




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Hi, attached is one example of how you can do it.

You can access with User:ADMIN pass:ADMIN or User:A Pass:A

Check script and document propertis->On Open tab


Former Employee
Former Employee

Did Ruben's post and example assist you getting your use case working as you wanted?  If so, please do not forget to return to your post and on Ruben's post, use the Accept as Solution button to mark that as the solution giving him credit for the help and to let other Members know this worked.  

The only thing I have to add to what he has provided is a link to the Design Blog area to a post that will likely be able to further explain how to go about things, and I will include the base URL for you at the end in case you want to search that area further on your own.

Note, there are some additional links at the bottom of that post!


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Specialist II
Specialist II

You can create new field in section access   like  SheetTab and have the values filled accordingly 








Use the  if(not isnull(SHEETTAB) ,1)   in the conditional hide in the button