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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to count non associated row if filter field value is null

Hi  All,


I have filed its genearyed values in oracle query

if group=001 then BI,

IF group -002 then PI

else ' ' as Type;

BI has 20 rows count

PI has 30 rows count

else condition means if it has null value in field it wil consider as '' it has 2 rows

in table without selection in filter pane i am getting 20+30+2=52 --Total

if i select BI getting 20 and PI means 30 but even i select BI i need to show null record count 20+2 =22

PI means 30+2 =32

if both means 52

i am unable to  count non associated value

in oracle query for that null filed record in measure  field has null and making that as zero .

Type  -->Filter



above are displaying in filter pane in UI

In table  i need to count null field value 

I need to count pol and locid in count.that record has pol value and locid value

Measure:  count(aggr(count(pol+locid)),Pol,locid))


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