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How to create opening balance and closing balance


I have monthyear, billing extended price, booking extended price and salesperson columns.

I have created closing balance like bookingextendedprice-billingextendedprice = closing balance, but opening balance I am not able to create. Please give me some Idea here, these things I have to create in script. Please find the sample data.

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Calculations are based on the business need. I could see only few column in the excel.

Get this requirement from your client/partner. For requirements and what they want only they can help you.



If you have movement only (bookingextendedprice - billingextendedprice), then you cannot compute both the opening AND closing balance. You need one and you can calculate the other, but you cannot compute both from movements only.

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Hi Jonathan,

I have two column, I thought booking-billing =closingbalance values are the closing balance for  each month, so we can get the peek(closingbalance) as openingbalance. Lastmonth closing balance is the opening balance for the next month. so I thought like that.

Could you please give me some structure how it should be in source table.