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How to delay script load until data file has been updated.

I am looking for a way to make my script check the data it's trying to load and make sure it has been updated within the last 12 hours or so before continuing.  Else I want it to loop and sleep for 10 seconds and then check again until the update has completed.  I don't care if it loops indefinitely if the file doesn't update.  I will manually stop the looping when I get to work in the morning and check into things if the update doesn't happen.

This is the text I have below.

Directory \\Busintel\qlikview\Source_Data\;

do until (NOW()-Filetime(FCDATAQT.TXT))<.6


First 5

LOAD @2,

   NOW()-Filetime() as TestTime



(txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is ';', msq)

Where (NOW()-Filetime())<.6;



When I comment the looping structure, the field TestTime = roughly .12 at the moment.  The loop continues indefinitely however.  What can I do to end the loop if TestTime is less than .6?  If I can make that happen, it would solve a great deal of issues for me and free up a lot of my time for more productive tasks.



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