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Creator II
Creator II

How to do incremental load with out primary key?

Hi All

How to do incremental load with out primary key Field...Any Idea?

Please Help Me

My script:

let vQvdcreateTime=qvdcreatetime('path of qvd');

Load Empid,App_Request,Date_Request,End_Request from employee where  Date_Request >=vQvdcreateTime;//loading new data


Load Empid,App_Request,Date_Request,End_Request from employee from employe.qvd(qvd) where not exists(?????);//old data

which field i need to use in where exists ??// Above table Empid not a primary key



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Master II
Master II

If you have a Date or Timestamp field, you can use that for your incremental load.

When you do a load, store the max(Date) or max(timestamp) in a variable. Then on the next load, load all since variable value.