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How to enhance visualization of Charts

Hello Qlikkers,

I am trying to come up with a way to make my chart look impressive or you could simply say stunning. what are the options. As of now,

I am simply using a text box as my back ground image with color gradient, which then I select from Chart properties ----> colors ----->

Image. and then I check 'plot area only'

My main question is what is the best way to color the background of chart to produce impressive visualization. Also any ideas on coloring the line graphs more artistically.

Here is what I have currently. Any pointers or directions would be greatly welcome.

Background color.PNG

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Check this might be help-ful for you?

QlikView themes

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This might help u!



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Partner - Champion III

Rather focus on how to make the visualisations effective, rather than impressive. An app with flashy, great looking graphics, but confusing visualisations, will quickly fall from your user's favour, whereas one that helps them answer their most important questions will endure. There is a wealth of literature on the web on data visualisation, so google that for advice.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein

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Thank you everyone for invaluable suggestions. I will post soon with my updates worth sharing.