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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to exclude particular sheet from applying filters

hi everyone,

i want to exclude particular sheets from applying particular filter. For instance, in my sheet i have 4 objects and 4 filters and one filter from those should not apply to those sheets and all other filters need to apply.

How to restrict that.

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Creator III
Creator III

Setting Alternate States

Do the following to enable and set alternate states:

  1. Click Alternate States... in the Document Properties: General tab.
    The Alternate States dialog opens.
  2. Click Add... to create a number of states, and name them. The names will be referred to as state identifiers.
  3. Click OK to close the dialog.

Now the QlikView developer can create new Alternate States from within screen objects. End-users who access QlikView documents from a QlikView Server can make use of Alternate States but cannot create Alternate States.

Assigning States to Objects

Do the following to assign a state to an object:

  1. Open the Properties dialog and select the General tab.
  2. Set Alternate State to the state identifier you want to use for the object.

The object will now be independent from the rest of the document in terms of selection, unless other objects are set to the same state.

There are two states that are always available; default state and inherited. The default state is the state where most QlikView usage occurs and is represented by $. The QlikView document is always in the default state. Objects can inherit states from higher level objects, such as sheets and containers. This means that states are inherited as such: Document - Sheet - Sheet Objects. The sheets and sheet objects are always in the inherited state unless overridden by the QlikView developer.

Contributor III
Contributor III

A simpler and shorter way would be for you to create another alias for the field and change your object field to the new one.




name as NME,



Then you just change the unwanted one to NME.