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How to get YTD , MTD values in a chart on selecting corrsponding YTD , MTD in a list box?

Hi guys,

I need to display my SALES and BUDGET data in a chart. The requirement is to get YTD data, when YTD is selected, MTD when MTD is selected I have put these in a LIST BOX and displayed them as LED. I am trying to use

// This is put as respective flags in the master date table:

inyeartodate(DateString, today(),0,4 ) * -1 AS YTD,

InMonthToDate(DateString,today(),0)*-1 AS MTD

// Sales and Budget Expression used in the chart to display data:

SALES:  sum({<BudgetIndicator=>}(Value)/denoname)

BUDGET:   sum(BudgetValue)/denoname

// INLINE table for creating LED list box:


LOAD * Inline [





I am stuck at how to link my LED LIST box with this, so as to when I cllick on YTD or MTD on list box it, would show me the corresponding data?

I know that the FLAGS need to go into the expression somehow, but not able ot figure it out completely. Plase help!!

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Following are the expression

For Year to Year Sales: e.g. 1/1/2011 to 31/12/2011

(sum({<CalendarDate = {">=$(=num(Yearstart(max(CalendarDate))))<=$(=max(CalendarDate))"},CalendarMonthName=,CalendarQuarter=,Week=>}Sales))

For Till date: e.g. 1/1/2007 to  7-03-2013

In Script  QuarterStart(CalendarDate) as QuaterStartDate,

In Variable vMaxDate= (Today())


CalendarDate = {">=$(= Date (
min({<CalendarWeekOfYear=, FinancialQuarter=, CalendarMonthName=>} QuaterStartDate )))<=$(vMaxDate))" }
, CalendarWeekOfYear=, FinancialQuarter=, CalendarMonthName=

For MTD :

sum({<CalendarDate = {">=$(=num(Monthstart(max(CalendarDate))))<=$(=num(max(CalendarDate))) "},CalendarWeekOfYear=,CalendarQuarter=,CalendarMonthName=,CalendarYear=>}Sales)


Nirav Bhimani