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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to handle the filters when multiple sheets


I've multiple sheets in my Dashboard -

Based on my current sheet selection criteria and filtering the objects values on all other sheet object results as-well....

The Alternate State can help, but I've many objects on each sheet and it will be a tedious job to create / setup on all object places.....

Instead of alternate state any other way to handle such scenario and is there any way -

At sheet level selections and the current selections should not affect other sheet object filters….

Thanks in advance..

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When applying different alternate states to your sheets itself, all objects being in default state <inherited> get their states from the sheet they are placed on, so maybe not quite that tedious an endeavour as you feared.

Contributor II
Contributor II

I've setup the alternate state and assigned at sheet level properties - however it is not working at object level so I've added the same state at object level so that it is working.... 

Only the drawback is even I've given at sheet level and again I've been assigning the same state object level then only the results are showing as correct.


Seems odd.

Can you post a sample application that shows this behaviour?


May be like this:

Set variables like this & use these variables in set analysis.

=Concat({AltState1} DISTINCT Product,'-')

=Concat({AltState2} DISTINCT Product,'-')