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How to make a chart which shows a difference of 2 charts data?

I have a beginner's question about visualizing data in QlikSense.

There is a table which contains rented bike routes: from one exchange station to another. It has fields: Start Station Name and End Station Name

I can visualize, how many times each station was the Start and how many times was it the End of the route. I did it by building 2 vertical grouped bar charts:

Start station name vs Count([Start station name]) and End station name vs Count([End station name])

Now I want to show, which stations will have surplus of bins, and which ones will have the shortage of them.

But is I build a chart with Start Station Name as a dimension and Count([Start station name]) - Count([End station name]) as a measure, I get 0's

Is my task achievable in QlikSense?

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