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How to pass comments from multiple sheets to Home page specific to month wise

Dear all,

We have multiple reports in multiple sheets and have input box in each sheet(report) for user to provide comments which is allowed only when Reviewed mark(text object) is clicked in sheet and then both comments and review status i.e 'Reviewed or Not Reviewed' should be updated in Home page
(in a straight table which is having report names as dimension and comments and review status as expressions).

Here, issue is when user provide review status and comments in one sheet/report ,
those values are being updated in Home page i.e in straight table but they are being updated for all rows(i.e all dimension values) where we expect that updation should happen specific to each sheet.

Please find that attachments and let us know your valuable suggestions.

How to pass comments from one sheet to Home page

Here we are able to pass comments as mentioned in the above thread(thanks to Kaushik) but we have one more condition to be applied here which states as below:

We have 3 Years(24 months), when user provide comments in one specific sheet and while passing those comments to Home page to update in the Straight table it should be specific to month selected in the sheet i.e Comments should be updated for the latest selected month only not for all months.

Please find the attachements for reference.

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