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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to populate Current Selections

Hey Everyone!

Got a question regarding filters and current selection.

Currently, I have a Dealer Code that I select from a drop down, there can be several hundred.  I can also select on Month and Year in another filter. 

The problem I am having is the Dealer has 52 occurrences throughout the year.   When I select my dealer first my filter goes to the first month Oct 2019 and shows the 5 dealers in that Month.   The problem is while I am showing I have selected a dealer my date (month and year) doesn't show in my current selections.   If I do this the other way, select on month/date first and then dealer, everything is in proper order.  

How do I make that "Month and Year" show in the current selection box when dealer is selected first Dealer Code? 


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By selecting a Dealer code, you are not selecting Month and Year, even if the data is filtered to that.
If you have list boxes for Year and Month that would show the relationship as possible (white) in the list box with the other values gray