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How to reorder sheets dynamically

We have a requirement to reorder the sheets dynamically based on the settings available in a database. Is there any way we can set the sequence of the sheet on the fly?

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Hey R.

On one of my apps I used an inline load of menu items which supplies a list box with those items. I suppose you could do the same from a database table ordered how you liked. I set up an action on that field which then changed to the item selected.

Doing it this way - you'd have to hide the tab row and operate from the listbox (or chart or text box etc).

As far as I know you can't change the order of the rows (although you may be able to use some sort of extension?)



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Specialist III

Sheets can be conditionally displayed but for your requirement you may have to create set of sheets with all possible orders and then show or hide sheets based on the database or configuration values.

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Thanks foldyman and Sudeep but the solution provided by you does not work for me as the current application was developed in .net previously and they had the option of reordering the sheet sequence form the front end which I believe is not possible in QV.