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hide/show columns on the basis of group column

I have one table, a,b,c columns in which A is a group, A group has 3 levels data.

A1, A2, A3

now by default table shows level 3, A3

A3 , b, c

and i want to show another column flag when i drill down to level 1 as A1

output should be A1,flag, b,c (when i drill down to A1)

conditional column i am using  but prob is when i click on A3 column it directly goes to A1, its not showing me A2

Any idea why its not showing the A2?

I have checked all the data, i have data for A2

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Hi Mugdha,

What's the conditional sum you're using? I would try something like this in the expressions:

=if(Match(GetCurrentField([GroupName]), 'FieldName'),1,0)

So for instance, to show your flag field when A1 is shown, adding this condition to the flag should work:

=if(Match(GetCurrentField(), 'A1'),1,0)

Would be better if you attach a sample, but hopefully this helps you out.