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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to show Opening Balance along with the Selected Balance

Hello all,

I have attached the app for reference. But i'm stuck at a requirement i.e, I need to show one more column with the Open Balance,

select any but for example if i select From Date as : 01-07-2014 To Date as : 30-07-2014 for CUSTOMER_NUMBER - 0005000043

Cust_Balance will be : -3,20,5335 and after clearing the Date selections Open Balance for this customer(0005000043) will be: 2,88,5916.

Hence i need to also achieve the Cust_Balance along with one more column that shows overall pending balance for that Customer.

Please refer to attached app and assist, I'm very new to this.


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Hi Tahreen,

I have seen the qvw, and followed what you said, I got the result like you said.

But actually I don't understand the "open balance" and "pending balance".

I just see that the total Cust_Balance is 2,88,5916, and between 2014-07-01 and 2014-07-30 is -3,20,5335

And you want to add one more column that shows overall pending balance,right?

If yes, could you please tell me how I can know which "DOCUMENT NUMBER" or column is pending balance or not?

and if you add the column, what kind of value is correct?

So I can try it.


Aiolos Zhao

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Aiolos,

Please refer the attachment wherein you have a Screenshot of Output and all the required docs.

in the screenshot(Output) in the straight table under Doc.Amount Lable it should show like if i Select from 1st jan 2015 to 1st Dec 2015 it should show whatever was the amount, Payment and Balance from the selected range of date along with previous Pending balance like 2014, 2013....

And at the bottom it anyways shows the sum of Amount payment and Cust_Balance for selected range of data.

Thanks for your help in advance and I'm really stuck at this...


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Aiolos ,

Please update.. I have delivery on this today.. I'm finding it hard to get result

To be honest, I didn't see the table of your Output(image) in your qvw.
Now I know what the Old Balance is.
So I think maybe what you want is, like:
Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Alios,

Doesn't helpSmiley Sad

Gives zero values through out