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How to show Previous Month Data In current Month

Hi all,             I come across a situation where I need to show previous month data in current month, my requirement is like Number of employee at the beginning of the month, and I am taking employee Join Month as Dimension. So if I look the report for Jan 2013, then number of employees at the beginning of Jan-2013 should be all the employees who joined till Dec – 2012, Number of employees at the beginning of feb -2013 should be all the employees who joined  till Jan – 2013 and so on till Dec Month. Any help is appreciated.

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You can look into the chart inter record functions like above() to evaluate an expression in the context of another dimension value.

And using rangesum(), you can then add up several of these resulting numbers, like

=rangesum(above( count(distinct Employee), 1, rowno()-1))

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Partner - Creator III


is it something you can calculate in your script ?