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How to stop one task scheduler at a particular time?

Hi All,

I have 2 qlikview apps.

I am creating 2 batch files for this 2 files to reload using windows task scheduler(say PerDay and PerHour).

Iam using this batch files in 2 ways.

1. Reload performs for everyday at a particular time for one application.(1 year data)

2. Reload performs for every hour for one application.(4 weeks data)

But the problem is when PerDay will reload the 1 year app.It will consume all the RAM memory and it is creating problems for the execution of PerHour Task.

I want to stop the Perhour batch file until the PerDay batch file will complete the action at the same time.

This should be done every time the time meets.

Hope you got my point.

Let me know the possibilties to resolve this issue



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Creator II
Creator II

Normally all scheduled tasks runs at priority 7 i.e below normal class. You can change the priority class of your 4 weeks  to a higher i.e 0 to 4.

Here are the steps (assuming you are using Win 7 or Win 2008) :

1 - Right click on the 4 week task --> Export (Export the XML file to a folder) --> Open the file in notepad --> Change the priority from 7 to any from 0 to 4. --> Save the XML file. More info about priority  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa383512.aspx

2 - Next --> Delete the task from Task Scheduler --> Right click on Task Scheduler library --> Import the XML file --> Click OK.

Your 4 week task will have higher priority and hopefully will not be stopped by the previous task that's running.

I hope this helps!