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How to stop opening Non protected Files in qlikviewOcx

Hi, using ocx.opendocumentex() I can open any document from server,,,

If the document is protected with username and password I can pass user name and password in OpendocumentEX(,,,,)

but if the document is not protected with username and password and I am giving the username and password in OpenDocumentEX(...)

how can I stop opening that file...

Simply I should not open any non protected/document without username and password using ocx. can anyone help me..

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Partner - Champion III


Perhaps I have not correctly understood your requirement - but it sounds like you are asking how to prevent opening of an unprotected file.The simple answer is you can't, that is what 'unprotected' means. Perhaps you could change them to protected files.

If this is not what you mean, please clarify your question.


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Thanks for your reply,,

You understood correctly. I requirement is to open only protected files as I giving username and Password..

and other file which is not protected should not open. but ocx is not considering the username and password for non protected files.