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How to understand Subset Ratio and Information Density

Hi team, I want to share a deeper study of table information in order to clarify the meaning of Information density and Subset radio.



If you have this info in the Table1 the 2 maning are:

Information Density Displays the percentage of rows in the table with non-null values   so in this case

Table 1 :

Total values (non and null values) in Table1 = 15  and Total non-null value = 12 so.... 

Information Density= 12/15 = 80%

Subset RadioShows the percentage of all distinct values for a field in the table compared to all the distinct values for that field in all tables 

Table 1: 

You have to verify in the Doc Properties > Tables> the #Distinct in the Key field (total number or distinct in all tables), in this case = 7 and the Distinct values in the own table = 6 so.. 

Subset Radio = 6/7 = 86%

Summary : The 20% of the info will be nulls values, and the 14% of the distinct value are nulls in the Table 1

I hope it is useful ....for me at least it was. 😁



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Former Employee
Former Employee

I am adding a Design Blog post as well that may provide some additional information for those hitting this post:


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