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Creator II
Creator II

How to use FirstSortedRow and Above/Below in a table as expression?

Hi Community! 

I'm currently trying to use the FirstSortedRow and Above/Below functions in a combination. 

My data mainly contains of Client,Date & Stage. I would like to add a column which calculates the status per max date and group it by client. I have done in in the back-end (Script) with the help of this thread ( and it works well, however the requirement now in using it as expression. 

I calculated max_date with: =Max(Total<Client>Date)
I calculated max_datestatus: =if(Date=Max(TOTAL <Client>Date),Only(Stage))

Current Result: 















Thanks in advance. 



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or even this

FirstSortedValue(TOTAL <Client> Stage,-Date)

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Hi Mrichman,


You can use below set analysis as measure.

Aggr(Nodistinct FirstSortedValue(Stage,-Date),Client)

Hope this will help!!!


or even this

FirstSortedValue(TOTAL <Client> Stage,-Date)


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