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How to use colors based on set analysis inside if condition?

I am using colors in my scatterplot depending on the compariosion result between branch Conversion Rate vs Company Conversion Rate.

But it is not working. It works when I hard code it.

My Branch conversion rate is a field from table and company conversion rate is derived using set analysis in color section of appearance.

This doesn't work:

if(CR_Branch > Count({<[Converted]={"Converted"}>}[Converted])/Count(HSSRecordID), rgb(68,119,170),rgb(204,101,118))

This works:

if(CR_Branch > 0.3047, rgb(68,119,170),rgb(204,101,118))

The value of Count({<[Converted]={"Converted"}>}[Converted])/Count(HSSRecordID) is 0.3047.

How to make it work?



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I understand what you are saying, but I don't expect to see this behavior unless you have not shared a set analysis in your expressions or something else like that... that was the reason i asked for a sample...