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How to use incremental load on Publisher log files.


I have used so many files from the DistributionService folder like below but I am able to apply incremental load for only new files as you know that daily gets generated when task run in QMC. but In my dashboard How I can used.

What I am doing I am fetching all files but Its not the proper way.what I want to do that suppose when I reload the dashboard first time its take full data but when daily logs comes then my dashboard should not load full data it will take only updated log files.

Please clear on this issue means what I needs to be done in such scenario. If you have different approach please let me know.

TaskResult_00defa8d-2f1c-4cc0-8d5f-1d2edc06ce6b ,,,,,.. so on

TaskLogIndex_0d04861a-121c-4a31-bf6e-1a11a7f4ec75   ,,,,,.. so on

TaskExecutionHistory_0d04861a-121c-4a31-bf6e-1a11a7f4ec75  ,,,,,.. so on

Task_0dc57137-1375-480a-a5ed-ab30281f7a07  ,,,,,.. so on

Could you please help in that.

Thank you,


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