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Ignore all selections when sum fields


I have got an expression in a textbox  that consists of the following...


But it only works if I select one of the 2 fields, is the way to ignore the selections?

I could use set analysis but I am only use to use it when doing a proper aggregations.

Thanks for you help.

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It's not clear what you want to see in the text box...

This expression can return a result only in both Field1 and field2 have only one value selected (available).  If more than one value, the result will be null, exactly because there is no aggregation.  This expression will return a result, given the sum of the parts can be interpreted as a date:

day(avg(Field1)+ avg(field2))/2

But I can't guess if this is what you need

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Please elaborate more. I could not able to understand what exactly you are expecting.



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I want  a KPI of AVG day (in the text box) and to be shown without selection of the dimention. .