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Ignore the selected month name filter in set analysis

I am having  5 dimensions PplMgr1,PplMgr2,PplMgr3,Year,MonthName and EmpName and an expression Absence. I have been asked to provide a Sum of Absence Hours of the Employees under respective People Managers. Here PplMgr1 is at the Root level then PplMgr2 is the Manager of PplMgr3.If the user selects the value of People Manager as per the given hierarchy, pivot table should display the sum of absence hours of the last 12 months for all the employees under PplMgr3,irrespective of whatever the user has selected as a Report MonthName. But the set analysis expression should consider the selected Fiscal year and the hierarchy of the selected Managers.

I have used the below set analysis expression..


The above expression is not excluding the value of MonthName,if the user selects Report MonthName= Aug,then the pivot table is only showing the absence hours of all the employees under the selected PplMgr3 for the month of Aug,rather it should show Aug- 11 months.

I would appreciate any kind of help to resolve this problem of mine. if I use 1 instead of $ then it is ignoring all the selections.

Thanks in advance.


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can you share your example QVW ?

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Can you share the data ?

And just check if there are more calendar fields that you need to reset e.g. period, month#, year-month, fiscal-month etc.