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Contributor III
Contributor III

Images and Actions

Hi All,

I hope someone can help, this is a nice to have question as there are ways of making it work but its not the correct way of doing things.

I have a circular image similar to the one attached that i would like to be able to allow users to click on each part of the process to be linked to reports / tabs within my model.

I would ideally like to use vector images to define each arrow and its action so there will be no misclicks or overlapping, i know currently this can be done by overlaying buttons of varing sizes but the more elegant solution would be doing this right, the question is how can it be done?

Any ideas welcomed

Many Thanks


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You can try your luck with text boxes and arrow objects. It's possible to make round text boxes by changing the Corner Radius setting. Or you can try creating an extension. But QV is not a drawing/graphics applications nor a html5 editor so your options with out-of-the-box QV are limited.

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