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Specialist III
Specialist III

Impact of "prj" folder in version control

Hi QV aspires,

I know what is a prj folder I mean, it is a folder with the same name as a qvw file with an added "-prj".

when we save the qvw, a set of xml files will be created,defining every object ,sheet and UI of the qvw file.

Now my question is can we use a prj folder for version control,

if yes -> how

if not -> what are the alternatives in QV for version maintaining.

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See this document: Updated Guide to QlikView and Source Control (TFS & Subversion)

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Kiran,

Take a look at this article I created some time ago: Integrating Git with Qlikview


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Yup you sure can, read all about it here :

Version and Source Control Managment with QlikView

Personally I use with SubVersion.