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Import and Export Data Layout

Hi All,

I am trying to replicate an application , I have QVS file and the layout exported from the other Qlikview file.

Can someone please let me know how to use the layout of other qlikview application.

Thanks in advance.

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You can simply copy + paste (using ctrl +c , ctrl + v) objects from one sheet to antother. Or you select the whole sheet and copy paste all elements.

Hope that helps you.


to add to what Christian said, you may want to do a ctrl+shift+s before you do a copy and paste to make sure that the the hidden objects are included in your objects that you copy.

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Thanks for the reply.But I am trying to export the layout present in the other Qlikview file using File->Export->Export Document Layout.

any suggestions on this plz?

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This way you are exporting only the tags in the layout.

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Hi Hallen,

Thanks for your reply.Sorry  I dnt get what you meant by tags i also see the chart ID's when i exported the layout .