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Incremental load using Control File

hello all,

i have 1 requirement in project wherein Business team wants Incremental load using Control file.

in text file, there will be different Year_Quarter combination e.g. 2017_Q1, 2017_Q2.

From Access Point or QEMC, the application should get reloaded for incremental load when the User clicks on That Control File (Txt file) from Shared Drive folder, then it should reflect in the Application directly on Access point.

how to embed this Automation in Qlikview??

we are dealing with SQL database and ETL Team is ABInitio so this kind of Automation is possible in ABInitio and so they wish the exact should happen in Qlikview.

please do help me. This is really new for me.

looking forward for your help.

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I think you can use EDX to achieve what you want. Have a look at this document: Using EDX in QlikView 11

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‌tthank you so much. Do take a look the image attached as well.IMG_8119.PNG