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Can someone tell me what is difference b/w 1)insert only and 2)insert and update methods.

1)Technically speaking in first case we are just checking modified time of DB table is greater than  lastloadtime of qvd data.

2)For the second case we are doing as above said+by using where does not exist Primary Key in qvd.

Whether my understanding correct. 

2 Replies

Insert only means that only records are added. Often a check is used to only load new records from later than the records already loaded earlier.

Insert and update means not only inserting new data, but updating existing records too if there are changes. An example could be updating customer addresses that haved changed since the last insert/update.

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In technical terms , We will take only those records where primary key not exists in database table for insert and update method.

But for insert only method we wil just not check like above.

Is it correct.