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Contributor III
Contributor III

Input Box - Impossible to select drop down list values in ajax mode

Hi All,

I have an app where can't select values from drop down list in Input Box.

The issue appears only with the client (ajax) while works fine from access point (both plugin or not plugin) or web view mode with client.

The object is over a chart and the layer of input box is on top (chart custom -10).

I see the list values but when click on one value the selection is not taken.

If i move the input box down (of the area) where  there are not object then works fine.

In the app i have 5-6 input box with the same issue.

If i create a new document and place a input box (same settings) over a chart works.

If i create in the same document a new sheet and place a input box over a chart doesn't works.

As there is a setting in document properties that prevent correct functioning.

In attachment the file with the issue.

Any suggestion?

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