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Inputfield - Sharing with users


Is there any way to use the Inputfield option to update numbers/values across records and have other users (via Webview - published via server) see those updates that were made?  My understanding is that every instance is unique to the user and those updates are not shared?  Is there a solution where you could mark several records as "FINAL" (either via text or another method) and allow other users of the QVW to see that it was reviewed?

Thank you!

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As far as i know every instance is unique per the user in qlikview. This is more of like you are trying to publish your changes to the app (Write-Back).

Variables will hold the information for that session per user basis. So there is no straight forward way of saving your changes to the app.

One way of doing it by Capturing the changes and writing back to a database/text/excel file and re-pulling the data into qlikview.

You can use Macro's or extension using webservice to do this job.