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Creator III
Creator III

Inputfield selections (distinct values)

In Qlikview, all inputfield values are treated as distinct values (see screenshot). Given that fact ...

  1. ... it doesn't make sense to use an inputfield as listbox (the listbox would contain all values - rather than all distinct values).
  2. ... selecting an inputfield value just selects that single record rather than all records that share that specific value.

Does anybody know a workaround for that issue?

Regards, Florian

Qlikview Manual:


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Creator III
Creator III

Any ideas ...?

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Hey im working this days with a couple of inputfields scenario's.

Im not really clear with what you want to achive. Can u please post a scenario or sample app?


I don't know if you have solved it. Example:

Assume inputfield is Field 3.

Field 1, Field 2, Field 3

A, 1, OK

B, 2, OK

C, 3, NOK

If you select OK in the first line, you expect that values A and B come back.

They don't, it is simply the first line that is selected.

If you display FIeld 3 as a list box, instead of having 2 values OK and NOK, you will get OK, OK and NOK

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I have used an INPUTFIELD to add a price to an item, I then wanted to select those items to create a list of items for export into Excel but like you say if you create a list from the INPUTFIELD it contains all of the values rather than a list of distinct values. My work around was to create the list using an expression that looks at the INPUTFIELD and then assigns a value to it. What I needed to do was quite simple -  If the price of the item was greater than 0 (the default value ofthe INPUTFIELD) then 1 else 0. My list then contains the values 1 or 0, by selecting 1 I can see all of the items I want to Export. I hope this will help you resolve your problem