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Is it possible to make drop down in Qlikview

Dear all,

I want to make a drop down in qlikview , when one box is drill downed then the next drop down header should come down to it.

Example of a screen shot from .net Application is there .

Please Suggest me if i can make the same in Qlikview, Need Help



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Dear all,

I am having a list box with name as Customer,Owner.

And I am having a chart name as Customer at the Bottom of Sheet, so if click on Customer in list box the cursor should go to the customer chart.

Is it possible in Qlikview by using maro or anything.

Please Suggest



Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Pranav,

Sorry, I can’t be much help in this situation. I would do the same as Sridhar without using extensions. However, there are three things I can recommend you if you really need this UI.

  1. Have you considered using extension objects within QV? Using extensions within QV might help you and these objects also use the QV data model
  2. Probably you can consider doing opposite to first point, i.e. you can use the QV Workbench and develop your app in visual studio and then use the QV objects and data model
  3. As this request is beyond my expertise, so I’d recommend you to contact experts like  John Witherspoon, Miguel Angel Baeyens, swuehl, Rob Wunderlich or Erich Shiino

Good luck.

Cheers - DV

Master II
Master II

hi Siridhar,,

how r u able to create design 3... i am able to get design 1 and design 2 only...

Please help

Creator III
Creator III


Right on the multiBox, Go to Properties--> Presentation Tab--> Look for "Grid Style" --> Say Ok and Resize your multiBox upward.

Hope this helps you.


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There is a very good post by Barry Harmsen. Please find the URL Below:

Building a nicer, dynamic QlikView multibox The Qlik Fix!

Hope this helps.

Contributor III
Contributor III

you can achieve this expandable navigation control by using some text boxs, you can actually use some .png image and get exactly what you want (if you dont have photoshop just use, its free and does the trick),

in any case this controls are called 'expandable navigation' and creating it requires you to add 4 items per dimension:

1. the zero state button

2. the selected button

3. the multi box

4. the multi box is open above button

each one of those objects has their specific definition in respect with a variable that you need to create, just look at the attached .qvw.

look at each object properties:

Layout -> Layer

Layout -> Show -> Conditional


and do Setting -> Document Properties... -> General -> Styling Mode -> Advanced

notice the variable 'varReportSheetActiveFilter' is created in the script so it will be recreated if someone accidentally manually deletes it from the variables list