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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Is there any hover effects in Qlikview ?

Hello guys!!

I just wanna know if there is any way to beautify my document.

I have a list of images and I just want to add some effects when you put over the mouse and add some additional information.

In html and javascript is very easy, but how about Qlikview? I'm sure there is something we can do.



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Hi Marcel

It depends really on what you want to achieve with the hover.....

  • You can add help text to any object by going to the object properties, go to the caption tab, then add some help text in the help text area, this will appear when you hover over a chart.
  • You can add pop-up labels to charts that show the values of the specific bar you are hovering over, there are various ways of doing this but to do it really well you need to follow some specific tasks, there is a forum entry here:

If you have some other thing you want to achieve with pop-ups then you probably need to identify more clearly what you want to do.


Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Thanks Nigel, but it isn't what I want to do.

I have a list box made by images of brands. All I want to do is to highlight in any way one brand or another when you move the mouse hover it.

Like every decent website, with a little bit of effects to make it cooler.

Thank you Nigel.

Regards, Marcel.