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Is there any way to check memory consumption status for sheet/reports?


We have a qlikview node with 386 gb of ram. Sometimes, the ram usage jumps from 60% to 100%. I want to trace exactly which document and which chart cause the whole system to crash.

I tried to look at document analyzer but could not find anything that could help me which object has caused the memory crash at that specific time

Can someone please tell me if there is a way to check the memory usage documentwise or even better if I could have more detail than that for memory consumption?


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See this blog post: Recipe for a Memory Statistics analysis

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Master III
Master III

Hi Syed,

Governance Dashboard can help u.

Data Governance & Data Management with QlikView & QlikView Expressor


Specialist III
Specialist III


Sometimes shared file corruption causes this.

If you can remove out a shared file you suspect, you may solve this.

This is one of the likely reasons.


Rajesh Vaswani

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Syed,

Open your Dashboard - > Sheet Properties -> Objects -> Check for Calc Time and Memory columns.

Calc Time - Refers to the loading time of the chart and

Memory - Refers to the memory size

This way you can identify which object is taking more time and which object is taking more memory.




Hi jagan,

i'm preparing a report to analyze the performance and the weaknesses of a dashboard(qvw) , and i'm using the report generated by Qlik view as you mentioned in your comment using :  Open your Dashboard - > Sheet Properties -> Objects -> Check for Calc Time and Memory columns.

My questions are: 

what is the time measure and meaning of Calc Time and AvgCalcTime ?

How can we know the loading time lapse of a table ?

Thank you