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Creator III
Creator III

Is this possible...

Morning everyone,

I'm just wondering if the following is possible within the QEMC:

Can I specify what applications our different users can see on their Access Points? The reason I ask is because we have a suite of 15 applications and a user, named Joe Bloggs for instance can see all of them but only has a license for 5.

Is there a way for me to limit the amount of apps Joe Bloggs can see on his Access Point to just the relevant 5?

Any help is appreciated.

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i think you can set security in windows on the files, try to set file as hidden and then add user who should see it under security

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If you are applying section access on the aplication i.e NTFS then this happens automatically through server.The user when login will only be able to see the application for which he has got access to.


In DMS Authorization . you can specify user access on application.