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Contributor III
Contributor III

IsNull with If Upper



I have a field "FTL_CHK_END_TO_DD_COMPLETE" which has number of blanks within the data set, however for the calculations I want to pick up the non blank which is in number format.  Struggling with few variation as can't seem to get expression correct.  Any help would be great.

If(ISNull(FTL_CHK_END_TO_DD_COMPLETE),'Null',(if(Upper(FTL_CHK_END_TO_DD_COMPLETE)<= '2','Within SLA','Outside SLA')))


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let's try:

=If( IsNull(FTL_CHK_END_TO_DD_COMPLETE) or len(trim(FTL_CHK_END_TO_DD_COMPLETE)) = 0, 'Null',
if( num(FTL_CHK_END_TO_DD_COMPLETE) <= 2, 'Within SLA', 'Outside SLA' ) )

I hope it helps.

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Support (Former)

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