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Issue in Document Chaining

HI all,

I have a scenario, where I am having 2 QVWs, lets say DocA and DocB.

DocA has 1 Sheet, Sheet1 and DocB has 2 Sheets, Sheet2 and Sheet3.

I have 3 Buttons Shee1, Sheet2, Sheeet3.

I want chain these 2 documents i.e. when I am clicking on Sheet2, Sheet2 of DocB should open and when Sheet3, Sheet3 of DocB should open.

To achieve this I am using following :

1. Inline Load : set hideprefix = _;

                       Load * inline [





This _Sheet ,I am using this to conditionally show hide the sheets.


2. Action "Open QlikView Document" - setting all the 3 properties- Transfer State, Apply state on Top of current and Open in Same window

So when I am on Sheet 1 of DocA and I want to navigate to Sheet3 of DocB, it is taking me to Sheet2 for the first time and then after 1 iteration it is working as as expected.

I have set the variable _Sheet in both the documents and also the sheets in DocB are conditionally visible.

Need help so that the document chaining should work as per the expectation.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hello Sampada,

Trust that you are doing well!

Please refer sample application files attached herewith.

Open DocA.qvw, select sheet name from list box and press Go To button this will move to respective sheet of DocB.qvw.

Hope this will help.



Hi Rahul,

What you are saying is fine,

but I cannot display list box on my UI, and also cannot make any selections in the list box.

I just have 3 buttons/Tabs to navigate.

To make selections I am using Select in field, so that the values in the Sheet list box are selected and are getting passed through the documents. But first time while navigating from Sheet1 to Sheet2, the values are not getting set, so it is not able to open the expected sheet.

Need a solution for this problem!


And I am running this application on Access Point. Even there it is not working as expected. I have set "Open in same Window" also.


Hi All,

One concern regarding the same issue which I have mentioned above,

Is it the case that when we apply any document level triggers:

the document chaining settings of transfer state are over written by the Doc level triggers?

and the transfer state does not work in that case..?

Just correct me if I am interpreting it wrong..