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Issue in dimension

I need to show the Count of IssuesCreated vs IssuesClosed for the current year in each month using a line chart


IssueId              CreatedMonth             ClosedMonth
100                       Jan-17                     Feb-17
200                       Feb-17 
300                       Feb-17                     Mar-17
10                         Feb-16                     Mar-17
20                         Feb-16                     Feb-17

Problem statement:

- If I select CreatedMonth as Dimension ,Some Issues which are Closed this year but are  Created in Previous Year  and also in the above example No Issues created in Mar 2017 so it will not show on dimension.

- Also if I am selecting Closed as Dimension its only giving count of Issues closed this year and are created this year where as I want to show count of all Issues closed this year irrespective of when it was created

Kindly please Suggest

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