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Issue in displaying image in pivot table

Hi All,
In "Growth in sales" pivot table, I want to display anyother images other than those two images which is already there for <0 and >0 values. Hope some one can helpme out.

I have attached the document. Please check it out!

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You have not attached the document

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Sorry! I have attached it now please check it out! And provide some solution for me as soon as possible.

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You can use any picture you want.
Place your images in a subfolder to your document and enter the relative path to the image enclosed in single quotes. ( 'images/myImage.jpg' )


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Hi Fredrik!

Thanks for your reply! But that is not what i wanted for. I want to display the images according to the criteria in pivot table. Look into the attachment for your reference. Any doubts please get back to me!

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You only need to find some nice images and link those instead of the arrow. I used two colored marbles from a different program.

You need to change the expression in Growth

if(Sum(SalValue) - before(Sum(SalValue)) < 0,'F:\Red.png','F:\Green.png')

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Hi Mark!

Thanks for your reply. It works exactly same like mine only. So I didn't the solution yet. Because I want to display 3 different images according to the 3 different criteria.

1. if(Sum(SalValue) - before(Sum(SalValue)) < 0 --> Image 1

2. if(Sum(SalValue) - before(Sum(SalValue)) > 0 --> Image 2

3. if(Sum(SalValue) - before(Sum(SalValue)) = 0 --> Image 3

If any doubts please get back to me!

if(Sum(SalValue) - before(Sum(SalValue)) < 0,'F:\Prive\BRPG v1_4L\Objects\Generic Tokens, Large\Red.png','F:\Prive\BRPG v1_4L\Objects\Generic Tokens, Large\Green.png')

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Small change in the expression (there are several possibilities to write the expression)

if(Sum(SalValue) - before(Sum(SalValue)) < 0,'F:\Red.png', if(Sum(SalValue) - before(Sum(SalValue)) > 0, 'F:\Green.png','F:\Blue.png'))

< 0 = Red

> 0 = Green

= 0 = Blue

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It is working perfectly! Thanks a ton!