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Contributor III
Contributor III

Issue in drill down after exporting to excel from a pivot chart

Hello qlikview experts

I am stuck with an issue.

it will be really helpful if anyone can help me with the issue.

Here I have created a pivot chart with the gantt view added to it.

when I am exporting it to excel, it is creating the excel properly but for the columns which contains the date fields does not give a drill down while filtering the particular column in excel.

I have taken an example to be more explanatory. Following is the screenshot of excel


here above after exporting to excel, while filtering the date field no drill down has occured.

On the other hand when I am doing it with straight table it is giving the drill down while filtering for the field containing date field

for eg:


As per my analysis after exporting to the excel the datatype of the values inside the date field is converting to string but not date datatype. thats why it is not giving the drill down facility in the excel.

Also, when chart it is straight table then desired result is coming but after converting the same chart to the pivot answer is coming as 1st screenshot.

Please let me know if there is a way out.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Bhumika,

Try like this:

1. Go to document properties>numbers>select the fields which are need to be in the drill down

2.Select date format required for each field.

3.Then try to export and see, this should solve the issue.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Avinash,

Thanks for the reply.

I changed as per your instructions but same issue is happening.

Problem is occuring while exporting.

I have also tried with date formatting while doing in the calculated dimension but same issue.

looking forward for the reply.


please try the date formatting in the script and follow the step i mentioned . If still facing the issue please share the app.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks avinash.


Hi Bhumika,

If the issue is resolved please mark it as answered and close the thread.