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Issue while sorting by expression in trellis chart


In my trellis bar chart  - I have two dimensions 1. Region & 2. Product and Expression 3. Sales  i.e. Sum(Sales).

I am trying to sort each chart from trellis based on expression value as per Products. But I can see by default it is sorted on the bases of combined (Total) value of Region & Product.

Is there any way by which I can sort by Products?  I am trying to avoid creating  3 separate charts.   

Expected Result - as per highlighted in Green

Chart A Should show product D then B, A ,C

Chart B - C, D, A, B

Chart C - A, C, D, B


Your help will be highly appreciated. 


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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


Standard it will determine it's sorting order with a trellis chart by de total over all dimensions. You can solve this by replacing the dimension Product with a Dual function. See QVW for the solution.

Regards Eddie