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Issue with date format in QVD (load with a FOR loop)

Hi there,

Thanks to everyone to make living this community, your knowledge and help are precious.

I have an issue with using QVD file and date formating, and I can not find a specific answer to my case.

I made a application QVW in which I load many QVD files (more than 100) with a "for" loop. Indeed, I am not able to know by advance how many QVD I would have to load (I can have 1 or more QVD by table).

Thus, I used something like :

for each vQVDName in fileliste( *.qvd)


   load * from $(qvd_name);

next vQVDName

All the QVD load perfectly, except that the dates do not appear as date but as integers . Forcing date format works however.

I searched the discussion, but I do not want to use "date#" function as it would lead to write one load instruction for each of the tables (remember: more than 100...) and, in terms of application maintenance, I think this is not optimized.

Is there a way to force date format in QVD ? Or is there a way for QV to recognized date fields (e.g by system tables)? Do you know a workaround for this issue ?

Thank you very much by advance for any help you will bring.


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The way you prevent this is to make sure you give all the date values a format using the date() function before storing the date field(s) into a qvd. Once the dates have both a numeric value (the integers) and also a textual display format you can store them into a qvd and be sure to that the format will still exist when you load data from the qvd's.

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Thanks for you answer Gysbert.

The point is indeed to avoid using date() function because I have planty of date fields and I would not like to force them one by one...


But you should force the data fields in the application(s) which create the QVD files.

- Ralf

Vizlib Head of R&D