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Issues editing a load script from JSD API to include whether on not the ticket SLA was breached


I recently took over a pre-existing Qlikview file for monitoring our Jira Service Desk performance and am trying to modify the load file so that the SLA for each ticket and whether or not it was breached or resolved before being breached to put into a table view. 

I would feel confident about doing this strictly through sequel but I'm not used to writing the LOAD calls to the API as such and all of my experimentation run into issues trying to add the appropriate fields. 

If someone knows of a resource I could utilize to specifically learn this better I would appreciate. I've attached the portion of the load script for this if anyone is able to take a look and tell me what I should be adding. 

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Joshua, you can use straight SQL calls provided the ODBC/OLE DB provider you are using will translate things for you back to the source DB...  There is no need to use our script syntax and Load statement unless you want to do further modifications on things.  

Here is a link to our training area, there are some free things out there that might help a little, but it may be better if you can swing doing the Developer course, as I think that would be the most help to you at this point.


Other than that, here is a link to a very useful area of the Community, the Design Blog area, there are hundreds of posts out here with examples on specific use cases related to specific functionality in the product.  I am going to give you the base URL and let you search on your own, I usually do a single word first and see what pops up there and then use other words from those results to try to find things more focused...


Sorry I am not more direct help here, but hopefully this may get you further along.  Others may be able to help if you can attach an app with what you have etc. and a picture of what you want, that is generally the most helpful for development questions.  Oh, if you are worried about confidential data, use the Settings\Document Properties\Scrambling tab in the Desktop/Developer client to scramble those fields before you post things...  


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