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Joining Tables from multiple DB's

Can you join tables from multiple DB's and inner join.

For example, I know that you can do the following:

//connection 1


Load *


Sql select table 1

from db1

//connection 1

inner join(final)

Load *


Sql select table 2

from db2

However, in doing this you must first load the entire table 1 and table 2 into Qlikview. The tables i'm dealing with are very large(47 million rows) and I would like to do the inner join immediately without pulling in the entire table. Is this possible?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

If one of the databases could connect to the other and pulling the data from there by simultaneous joining them with the own data - then it might be possible to trigger this task through qlik and to receive those data. But I assume it won't be possible. Maybe you could instead apply an incremental approach, like:

Incremental Load

Incremental Load Scenarios

- Marcus


My Suggestion would be create two QVDs from two DB tables and perform the join in QVD files.

And as suggested by Marcus you can implement Incremental Loan in QVD layer.