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Keep zero-values by a dimension but let the user to filter by it


   I need to keep the zero- value in my pivot table ( and for that I uncheck the option "Suppress zero-values" ) but if I wanted to filter by any of the dimension included in the pivot table, it keeps the table as it is (with all the possible values of the dimension) but just updates the information related to the value selected.

Is there any way to keep zero values but if the user select a single value of the dimension, it refresh the table and just shows the value value selected?

Thank you!

2 Replies

Can you share a sample qvw with the expected output?


To make it simple ...I think you should make use of 2 Pivot tables

1.With Suppress zero-values checked

2.With Suppress zero-values un-checked

based on the user selection hide the show the required pivot table , you could use the condition in layout like