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Contributor III
Contributor III

Keeping zero at the center of a bar chart


I have ALOT of bar charts that shows difference vs previous year/budget, which as you can guess can change from positive to negative from month to month.  To keep the charts consistence through out the page I would like to keep the zero at the center of all charts, but when I leave it to QlikVIew to decide the best layout, it will remove one side of the chart if no values fall on it.

I am just asking if there is a easy way of forcing there to always be a positive and negative x-axis.  I know I can add a dynamic min max static value, but the calculations are quite taxing, so prefer to not force QlikView to do the same calculation more than it has too... Can I reference the expression directly without it having to recalculate?

Hoping there is a check box I have missed


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Specialist III
Specialist III

on axes go to static min and apply the max value/expression and multiply by -1, this will convert your max value to a negative number, and add this same max in your static max but without multiplying it

Specialist III
Specialist III

didn't read the whole thing before I jumped the gun

one option is to create a variable for your max value, that way qlikview keeps it in cache and does not create an overhead


I guess not, but maybe Trellis is an option (Dimension > button Trellis bottom left).

At least it uses the same scales over all Charts.

Grtz Fred