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Partner - Contributor

Latest reload time of QVW file

HI ,

Could you please me with below request.

I have 8 to 9 independent QVW files(Dashboards). I am required to build one new QVW file which shows us latest reload time of each dashboard and latest reload time of their respective QVDs.

Thanks in advance.

2 Replies

You will have create metadata for QVD's and apps while creating it.

store this metadata in QVD.

Use this meta data in the QVW where you need to show audit.



Check the below code for creating QVW Reload time, i meant time taken for reload. it will create multiple files for all the QVW. Finally we can concatenate them.  

Also other code will give file time for individual QVD's, those also can be concatenated in same way finally.

If only QVW Last reload time is required for the first case means, you can use same code used for QVD File time.

Below is code for ref:

///////The Below is for Reload time/////////

//Start of Script
Let VStart=Now();

//End of Script
LET vRunTime_App1 = Interval(now()-VStart,'HH:MM:SS');

Load '$(vRunTime_App1)' as Runtime_APP,
     'APP1' as App_Name
AutoGenerate (1);

Store ReloadTime_Table into ReloadTime_Table1.qvd(qvd);

DROP Table ReloadTime_Table;

///////The Below is for QVD Update time/////////

Let ReloadTime_Table_Filetime=FileTime('ReloadTime_Table1.qvd');

Load '$(ReloadTime_Table_Filetime)' as QVD_Time,
     'QVD1' as QVD_Name
AutoGenerate (1);

Store QVD_Time_Table into QVD_Time_Table1.qvd(qvd);

DROP Table QVD_Time_Table;

Let me know if i missed anything. PFA App for Ref.



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