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Contributor III
Contributor III

Launch action (Open QlikView Document) when the selections reduce the possible results.


I want to chage between two documents when my number of possible values is less than 1000 for example.

I just can not relate the action Open QlikView Document with any trigger.

Anyone have a possible approach?

Thank you.


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I 'd use a trigger on each selection , and use a macro who count possible values !

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you for the answer yadurand.

"Open QlikView Document" Action is still not working with any OnSelect trigger.

My current approach is a button that have this Open QlikView Document Action that works.

Then I have a Document Event Triggers - OnAnySelect with an "Run Macro" Action that press the button, depending of a variable that return me the possible results.

I came to this approach after see this.

But if anyone knows why the first approach is not working, or how can I get a better approach I would be grateful.

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ho ok i didn't understood your message, now i get it

you mean on macro triggered by a 'on select' event cannot open a document ?