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Leaving QlikView for PowerBI

Hello all,
I was advised a few months ago to stop paying for my maintainance fee for QlikView Desktop by the Qlik distributor here in my country. 'Qlik is no longer serious about maintaining and debugging QlikView Desktop. They seem to want to put everything and everyone in the cloud.'

I developed a prety serious dashboard for a client last year and wanted to start selling it to new clients, but they can't even purchase a license for QlikView Desktop anymore. (The advice I got from this same distributor: '...if Qlik doesn't want to sell a license anymore, it will be justified to simply tell your customers to accept your dashboard in their 'Personal' QlikView Desktop version.')
It doesn't seem legal to me and I can no longer start QlikView on those computers after some of these 'moves'.

Converting everything to 'Sense' or 'the Cloud'?
No: the costs for Qlik are more than I am asking for the dashboard and are therefore too high.
My business model is that I deliver the dashboard to my client. My client performs tests with employees in multiple companies once every two year. These employees are provided with their personal PDF-report. The companies (sometimes) want an 'overall dashboard with averages' from these employee results and preferably in an interactive dashboard. This will therefore set them back at least €480 per year (per seat) in Qlik to only view this report once or two times perhaps. For me it will become €840 for managing/updating these two dashboards.

Qlik apparently only needs large customers with enough money to spend and forget about the little men in the mean time. So they lost my 'start-up' company as a client. (But they couldn't care less I think when you look at the way they treat QlikView Desktop users.)

After consultation with the distributor, I will start converting the dashboard to Microsofts PowerBI next week and rebuild the reports. In the cloud too. The price is less than a third compared to Qlik and for what I need it should cover all my wishes. If the companies run Office 365 they have free access to the dashboards too! For me it will be only €9,40 per month to have all set and go. That I can survive. 🙂

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye to Qlik. It has been fun and a steep learning experience these last years and to this month I kept wondering 'how is it possible that Qlik thought about this feature too!' when I came up with a new idea...
But it is just the way it is.

I want to thank everyone for their support on this community and wish you all the best.


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I feel with you. IMO it's very pity that Qlik didn't keep much attention on small and even mid-sized environments anymore. I do understand that the focus goes to (larger) cloud-approaches but it's not necessary to prune the former success-base in such way ...